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Senator Burr sides with transgender lobby against his own home state

At some point, isn’t it better to have the other team score their own points than elect Republicans who will score points for them?  That is the conclusion we must draw from the recent comments of Senator Richard Burr (R-NC), siding with the transgender lobby over his own home state.  Unfortunately, Senator Burr appears to be the majority opinion among Republicans in Washington.

Yesterday, in an interview with the Huffington Post, Burr went a step further from his original statement about HB2 in which he said Congress should defer to the courts instead of protecting North Carolina from Obama’s war on gender.  He now officially opposes the common sense law upholding the most basic culture of privacy that has always existed between the two sexes in public bathrooms and locker rooms:

Sen. Richard Burr (R-N.C.) said Tuesday that Republican lawmakers in his state went too far when they passed a sweeping anti-LGBT law this year, and said they need to rein it in before a judge does it for them.

‘Yeah, I’ve got issues,’ Burr told The Huffington Post when asked if he has problems with his state’s new law, also known as HB 2.

‘The legislature botched what they were trying to do,’ he said. ‘It was far too expansive.’

Folks, we live in the twilight zone.  We now have the “more conservative” party believing that keeping men out of female dressing rooms or protecting private businesses from the transgender jihad is “too expansive.”  As if we are the ones changing the natural order of things and concocting revolutionary ideas!

Burr took his position to a new extreme when he agreed with the Charlotte City Council’s decision earlier this week not to repeal its gender-bending mandate:

Even Burr said he didn’t blame local officials for sinking that agreement.

‘To repeal it before you know what the General Assembly is going to do would be a mistake,’ he said, hopping into a Senate train car taking him away from reporters. ‘That’s why it’s got to be the General Assembly and the City of Charlotte getting together and coming up with an agreed-upon package.’

Thus, Burr believes that Charlotte’s ordinance to force all public and private institutions to mix men into female spaces, which was promoted by a registered sex offender, is a legitimate act.  Further, he is proud of the radical members of the council for standing their ground against the Republican-controlled legislature!

Even the ACLU in their suit against HB2 in federal court admitted that transgenderism is a mental disorder.  What’s next?  Are we going to break down the barriers and “segregation” of humans from animals under the guise of accommodating the hallucinatory illness of trans-humans?  What if I feel like I’m a Killer Whale and mandate that my private employers accommodate my need to sit in a pool of water during work hours?  Where is the bottom?

So where is Congress in all of this?  Given the perfect timing of Republicans marking up the annual funding bill for the Department of Justice, one would think Republicans would insert a provision defunding any lawsuit against a state that preserves separate private facilities for the two sexes and prevents the courts from overturning those laws.  Instead, the House Appropriations Committee added ridiculously vague language that fails to defund anything, and in fact, crowns the court king over sexual identity and defining fundamental rights as it relates to men using female locker rooms and dormitories.  Here is the milquetoast language:

Sec ___. (a) A State may, in a civil action, obtain all appropriate relief against any party for the purpose of restoring the original autonomous sovereignty reserved to the States by the structure of the Constitution, including the tenth article of amendment thereto. The court shall promptly hear and determine any such civil action, and shall afford the State any necessary preliminary relief. The courts shall interpret this section liberally to effectuate its remedial purposes.

Here is what Rep. John Culberson (R-TX), the chairman of the subcommittee overseeing appropriations for the Justice Department, said right before the vote, according to CQ[subscription req’d]:

The amendment before you is to reaffirm a right the states already have to protect their 10th Amendment authority and the structure of the Constitution —  this simply makes sure that we’re encouraging the courts to rule promptly when states bring these actions.

This is outrageous!  These members don’t realize that the courts are even worse than the other branches of government.  Have they not seen the Fourth Circuit, which has jurisdiction over North Carolina, already enshrine transgenderism into Title IX?  What sort of judicial relief are they talking about and when will Republicans in Congress finally man up and put a stop to this?  Is it not enough that courts have taken marriage away from the states and redefined it; do we really need them mandating to states that individuals with male plumbing are women, too?

What do the leftists have to do to finally elicit some pushback from Republicans?

Sadly, if we continue to elect Republicans like Richard Burr this fall, the answer to that question is “nothing.”


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