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Trump & the GOP can fight the ‘deep state.’ So why aren’t they?

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In this day of fake news, fake leaks, fake conservatives, fake alpha males, and fake everything, Republican victimology is arguably the fakest thing that ever faked.

Republicans have all the power they need to disclose, discredit, and defeat those in the media, the "deep state," and "the swamp" that many of you reading this believe are conspiring and colluding against those same Republicans.

If President Trump believes his predecessor, Barack Obama, spied on him, he can declassify any information pertaining to that — including FISA warrants and applications for them — at any time and nail Obama and/or his acolytes.

If President Trump believes he's being done in by leaks from "the deep state," he can also declassify any information about who these people are at any time as well. Because he is the commander in chief, the intelligence community answers to him, so he can make them do so and in public for all to see.

Likewise, if President Trump believes he's being done in by "the swamp," he controls the executive branch and can therefore drain said swamp. If indeed President Trump recorded his conversations earlier this year with former FBI Director James Comey, as he claimed he did via Twitter, he can simply release those recordings and discredit the claim that he attempted to improperly influence Comey from carrying out his FBI investigations.

If President Trump believes the Clintons and Obama got away with illegal activity, while he already faces a special counsel investigation, then why did he back down on his year-long promise to "lock her up?" At any moment, Attorney General Jeff Sessions could investigate these alleged illegalities.

If Speaker Paul Ryan, the most powerful man in the legislative branch, has serious questions about the Comey allegations, he can have the proper House committees subpoena Comey at any time. Put him under oath and expose him in front of a live mic with the cameras rolling.

And so on and so forth.

At a time when we're not really sure what's true any more, and when the people on either side of the political divide who are truly interested in finding out grow fewer with each passing moment, the words I'm about to write next are as true as the truth gets:

So far, all of the Republicans claiming they're being conspired against and treated unfairly have all the power they could ever ask for at their disposal to prosecute their case. And it's a case that it would politically benefit them to prosecute. So why don't they?

Why is the president claiming he's getting his information on illegal surveillance from a Fox News contributor? Why is he responding to what's speculated on cable news shows at all, when he has access to the best intelligence on the planet? Not to mention that he holds the most powerful office on the planet, too.

Why are congressional Republicans responding to reporters they believe are out to get them, when they can just (pardon the expression) trump the media altogether and hold open hearings to expose who/what is allegedly undermining them? Why did Senator Richard Burr want James Comey to testify privately, instead of putting him on the record in public?

Dear reader, if you really believe all of what's going down here is liberal media bias and a conspiracy to undo the last election, then ask yourself this one simple question:

If you had the power to discredit and destroy your enemies, wouldn't you use it?

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