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Alleged NSA leaker vowed to stand with Iranian terror regime

Conservative Review

A government contractor who was charged Monday with leaking top secret U.S. intelligence to the media appears to be a climate change activist and vociferous anti-Trump leftist who is sympathetic to the terrorist regime in Iran, according to her social media profiles.

Reality Leigh Winner, 25, was arrested by the FBI this weekend in Georgia and appeared in court Monday to face charges. Winner admitted that in early May, according to the Department of Justice affidavit, she “printed and improperly removed classified intelligence reporting” and sent that information to the media.

Also on Monday, The Intercept published a top-secret National Security Agency document related to Russian hacking efforts concerning the 2016 election. According to NBC News, Winner was the source of information for The Intercept, a far-left publication that supports American traitor Edward Snowden.

Why Winner had access to a top-secret document on Russian hacking initiatives remains a complete mystery. The DOJ affidavit did not specify how she accessed the information.

Winner's photo was published by The Guardian’s Jon Swaine, who reported she is a former U.S. Air Force linguist who speaks Pashto, Farsi, and Dari, languages predominantly spoken in Afghanistan and Iran.

Winner's Facebook profile showcases anti-Trump leanings and an apparent passion for climate-change activism.

In late January, shortly after Donald Trump became president, Winner changed her Facebook cover photo to an image of a tweet by “Rogue NASA” that stated: “Advocating for climate science and environmental protection is the most pro-life you can be. The future of the planet depends on it. #resist”

In February, Winner posted a photo of her visit to the local Georgia office of Republican Sen. David Perdue. In a comment on the visit, Winner claimed she had a “private 30 minute meeting” with Perdue's office in which she pleaded that "our senators not be afraid to directly state when our president or his cabinet tell outright lies.”

Perdue's spokeswoman said Winner "met with our state team to discuss environmental issues," and noted that his team "meets with hundreds of Georgians monthly." She added that the allegations are "serious, and if true, directly threaten our national security."

In another February post, she referred to President Trump as a “piece of shit.”

A Twitter account reportedly belonging to Winner announced that she would stand with the terrorist Iranian regime against the United States.

In March, she wrote a long letter to a Ms. Zoller in Georgia alleging a wild conspiracy about the “permanent war economy.” She assailed energy companies for creating the Middle East refugee crisis that she believes is further worsened by climate change .

Some of the political pages Winner “Liked” on Facebook include those of democratic socialist Senator Bernie Sanders, Koch Brothers Exposed, Media Matters for America, and the Natural Resources Defense Council.

She posted her last Facebook status on June 2, one day before she was arrested. “You are what you love, not who loves you,” she wrote.

Winner faces up to 10 years in jail for leaking classified information.

Editor's note: While Winner shared an image of Sen. Perdue's office, her claim was that she was meeting with Sen. Perdue's office, not Sen. Perdue. The article has been corrected to note that difference. In addition, a statement from Sen. Perdue's spokeswoman has been added. 

This piece has been updated to remove a deleted tweet. It has been replaced with a link to The Guardian's report that Winner called Trump a "piece of shit."

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