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WTF MSM!? Ben Shapiro is a threat?

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Today is the 16th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on New York City and the nation’s capital. As I do every year, I ask that you remember Brian Kinney. I went to grammar school and college with Brian. He was a great man. Please keep his family in your prayers today, as they relive, once again, their personal tragedy, as the nation remembers the broader implications.

Irma notes …

Safety check … Hurricane Irma hit Florida over the weekend. Government officials and residents are just beginning to assess the damage. For certain parts of the state, all may be lost. If you have friends and loved ones in the state, Facebook has activated their “Facebook Safety Check” feature. I’ve been happy to see that many of my friends in Florida have used the feature and are safe. There are many times we, as conservatives, get upset with Facebook. This is one of those times that the site is used for good.

Great job … I was out of pocket for most of the weekend dealing with a family matter, but from what I was able to catch, the coverage out of Florida was superb. Real factual information, and Chris Cuomo even tried to be funny to put viewers at ease. Reporting real news, without opinion, is what the media does best — when they do it.

Obligatory climate change worship … While most of the coverage of Irma was factual and meant to help those in the affected area, that didn’t stop some of the folks on MSNBC from complaining that there wasn’t enough focus on “climate change” during the coverage of the hurricane. Because that’s exactly what people who were wondering if their home was going to get hit with a 15-foot storm surge needed to hear discussed.

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