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WTF MSM!? Houston DOES show the best of America

Conservative Review

Dispatches on Houston …

Yes, Slate went there … Yesterday Slate published a piece by Katy Waldman with the title, “Houston Doesn’t Showcase ‘America at Its Best’.” Waldman’s criticism seems to be that people helping people without government is an anomaly that we only see during crisis, not an everyday occurrence. This sort of coastal elitism is why Donald Trump won, as Stephen Miller aka @redsteeze pointed out on Twitter.

Now if you followed the link above, you noticed that the current title on the piece is different. Slate, with no editor’s note, changed the title of the piece to the more innocuous, “Why It’s Misleading to Say That Houston Showcases ‘America at Its Best.’” But if you look at the URL, you can still see the old title. That’s just poor journalistic ethics. Slate also wrote a “think” piece on FLOTUS’ shoes.

Disaster porn or ethical journalism? … Yesterday you may have seen the captivating CNN clip of a mom who was just rescued after being stranded for days in Houston. She went off on the reporter for putting microphones in the faces of people going through unfathomable trauma. I wrote about it and asked what separates “disaster porn” – showing misery to drive up ratings – from ethical journalism. You can read it at Conservative Review. The Washington Post also weighed in.

Reporters saving lives … As a counterfactual to Waldman’s claim above, NewsBusters highlights three reporters who saved lives in Houston this week. While we often criticize the media here, it is important to highlight when they do good.

It is an “honor” … There really is something in the water at CNN. Jeff Zeleny, CNN senior White House correspondent, tweeted: “President Trump praises Texas as a special place, saying: ‘This is really my honor.’ But isn't this actually your duty, Mr. President?” Really, Jeff? Can it not be both a duty and an honor, as General MacArthur told the Corps of Cadets at West Point in 1962?

As a quick aside, remember, as the Daily Caller’s Jim Treacher reminds us, Zeleny “is the reporter who asked [President] Obama what ‘enchanted’ him.”

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