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WTF MSM!? Trump’s 'needlessly offensive' jab at socialism

Conservative Review

UN Speech Meltdown …

Exactly … While President Donald Trump was giving his speech at the United Nations, CR’s Jordan Schachtel succinctly predicted the media reaction. Schachtel tweeted: “Trump speech was direct refutation of Obama admin foreign policy. That's why u will see unhinged FP pundits in newsmedia bash it day & night.” When the president says, “The problem in Venezuela is not that socialism has been poorly implemented but that socialism has been faithfully implemented,” what else would you expect?

The Independent thinks socialism line was a “joke” … The Independent, a left-leaning London paper, as if on cue, called the socialism line “a joke” gone bad, saying that Trump was waiting for a laugh after the line. Trump did pause, but it was for the applause he thought would come when speaking the truth about the most violent ideology of the last century, whose proponents have killed more people than any other ideology’s.

L.A. Times not a fan … The editorial board of the Los Angeles Times called the speech, which many conservatives think was the best of his career, “needlessly offensive.” Looks like Schachtel was right: stating moral clarity to those on the Left is often seen by them as “offensive.” The Times said Trump’s line on socialism was a “gratuitous insult” and a “simplistic denunciation.” Nothing like letting us see right behind the curtain.

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