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WTF MSM!? ‘We will tell you …’

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Stelter spikes football on indoctrination … CNN’s media “critic”/cheerleader Brian Stelter was positively giddy over the president’s latest poll numbers. Stelter crowed that the president’s low approval is “a sign of the national news media’s strength.” In other words: Our program of indoctrination is working.

Vox will “tell you when to panic” … In the daily Vox Sentences email yesterday, the writer boasted, “We will tell you when to panic about nuclear war with North Korea. Now is not it.” Um. Do you think you control me? Like CNN above, Vox is another MSM outlet that thinks it knows what’s best for you. So much so that they’ll tell you what to think and when to think it.

Speaking of North Korea … Disgraced lying MSNBC anchorman Brian Williams said on his program last night regarding North Korea, “Our job tonight actually is to scare people to death on this subject.” Not just on the subject of North Korea, but on President Trump’s reaction to it. Get it? CNN, Vox, and MSNBC all think their goal is to tell you what to think. NewsBusters has the clip.

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