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Democrats Would Like to Hold Sarah Palin Responsible for Today's Republican Party


When Democrats want to help the Republican Party I get suspicious. If they want to blame Sarah Palin for what they consider to be Republican "dysfunction" do they also credit her with the largest number of Republican officeholders since 1929?

Former vice presidential Republican candidate Sarah Palin speaks during a Tea Party rally against the Iran deal on the West Lawn of the Capitol in Washington, Wednesday Sept. 9, 2015. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

I always take a deep breath and think twice before writing thank you notes to the Democrat leaders who claim that they only want to help the Republican Party.

Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has expressed her concern that Republicans will never again win the White House if we fail to pass comprehensive immigration reform.

Since her prayer on behalf of Republicans is based on opening the borders to let millions of Democrat voters enter our country illegally I begin to question her sincerity.

Former vice presidential Republican candidate Sarah Palin speaks during a Tea Party rally against the Iran deal on the West Lawn of the Capitol in Washington, Wednesday Sept. 9, 2015. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

The latest to express his concern about the fortunes of the Republican Party is former White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley. Writing in the Washington Post, a petulant Daley whines that GOP’s dysfunction started with Sarah Palin.

“Palin’s blatant lack of competence and preparedness needs no belaboring,” Daley said.

Having nothing better to do, I think I’ll spend a few minutes belaboring Daley’s observation – just for him.

When President Barack Obama was in his first term he could be bold and aggressive because he had huge majorities in Congress. Speaker Nancy Pelosi led a House with 257 Democrat seats. The Republicans held 178 seats.

After all senators were finally sworn in the Democrats controlled a filibuster-proof 60 Senate seats. They also held 28 governorships, 28 state senate chambers and 32 state house chambers.

Since Palin’s destructive impact, Republicans have gained 14 Senate seats, 69 House seats and nine governorships. Republicans also hold two thirds of the state legislative chambers. That is the highest number since 1929.

What hath Palin wrought?

I know that belaboring her lack of competence is burdensome for Daley, but just for the fun of it let us examine President Obama’s competence as the leader of the free world.

Between 1976 and 1980 the Soviet Union had increased its influence in Afghanistan, Angola, Cambodia, Cuba, Ethiopia, Grenada, Iraq, Laos, Libya, Mozambique, Nicaragua, Syria, Vietnam and Yemen.

Our enlisted troops were on food stamps, one third of our aircraft could not fly for lack of spare parts, one third of our ships were in dry dock and our soldiers were practicing with pretend bullets.

After eight years of President Ronald Reagan – another Republican whose competence was questioned – the Soviet Union collapsed, the Berlin wall came down and the United States was the unquestioned leader of the world.

President George H.W. Bush ended Iraq’s occupation of Kuwait and President Bill Clinton resolved a genocidal conflict in Bosnia.

Eight months after President George W. Bush was inaugurated radical Islamists exercised their muscle and it was met with a firm and effective response.

Iraq was a success and Afghanistan was improving. Russia and China were content to tend their flocks and grow their economies.

AP photo

Enter President Obama. I feel certain that Daley would never question his competence and preparedness. Obama’s first action was the passage of the Stimulus Bill that was passed on the promise of “shovel ready” jobs.

It turned out that the jobs weren’t as “shovel ready” as promised, but a trillion dollars was spent on increased welfare benefits and government union members’ jobs.

The destruction of the world’s best healthcare system was passed on lies and we have fewer doctors, hospitals and insurance plans at higher and higher costs.

Since President Obama’s inauguration the Middle East has collapsed. The Islamic State is marauding through Iraq and Syria and influencing events throughout North Africa.

Iran has extended its influence in Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Lebanon and the Palestinian territories. Israel is naked and afraid.

After 30 years of quiet, Russia is on the move again. Putin has annexed Crimea and is extending his hegemony over his neighbors in Ukraine as well as Syria where he has built docks for Russian warships and airfields for their fighter jets.

Russia is negotiating with Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Algeria, Cypress, Viet Nam, Singapore and the Seychelles for access to their facilities to be used by Russia’s navy and strategic bombers.

Putin’s ventures into Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua represent Russia’s largest presence in our hemisphere in history.

China is expanding its footprint in the South China Sea by claiming disputed islands and building others. They have threatened more than half of the world’s shipping tonnage and warned the U.S. not to fly in their newly claimed air space.

Meanwhile the Obama administration is reducing the Army to pre-World War II levels and the Navy to the fewest vessels since 1915.

Now where were we? Oh, yes. We were belaboring Mrs. Palin’s incompetence.

Bill Daley is a better man than this. He ought to be ashamed.

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