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Planned Parenthood Caught Trafficking Human Body Parts, But at Least They Didn't Ask Anyone to Pray


New undercover video blows the lid off of Planned Parenthood's retail human organ industry, but America's sense of outrage is busy with a praying basketball coach.

Screen shot via YouTube.

Most days being able to speak the truth is enough, because truth always wins out. Most days I choose to be an optimist, because I believe that sometimes hope is all we have left.

But today is not most days.

Today is not a day for snark, wit, or cunning mental swordplay on social media. Today is not a day for hyperbolic accusations, or for scoring political points against the other side - no matter which side that is.

Screen shot via YouTube.

Today is a day of mourning, of outrage. Today is a day to march in the streets and demand justice. We've seen such demonstrations frequently from the left, from Occupy Wall Street to Ferguson to Baltimore. But since the mainstreaming of the Tea Party, few issues are capable of pulling conservatives out to the streets of America.

Frankly, if the release of a video showing Planned Parenthood staffers trying to hawk embryonic body parts doesn't motivate conservatives into rising up for justice, it's possible that nothing will.

Mind you, when I say "rise up," I don't mean just a passive-agressive tweet or an aggressive-aggessive Facebook post. I don't mean calling all of your already-conservative friends to whisper about how awful this is in the sacred silence of your living room.

[sharequote align="center"]Demand an investigation. Demand charges. Demand justice.[/sharequote]

I mean buy some poster board, make a sign, show up at a Planned Parenthood near you and peacefully but firmly demand that they close their doors. Demand an investigation. Demand charges. Demand justice.

Surely if thousands of protesters turn cities upside down over a single police confrontation, pro-life Americans ... scratch that ... ALL Americans, can agree that we ought to be equally outraged over the wholesale trafficking of human body parts by government-funded clinics that operate under the pretense of women's health, right?

This should be an easy place to gain consensus. I mean even if we can't all agree on the finer points of law and morality, can't we at least agree that killing a baby and harvesting its organs to place on an order form and pitch to prospective buyers over wine and cheese is worthy of complete and utter condemnation?

Alas, it seems that America's sense of outrage is busy at the moment.

Having just recovered from the psychological trauma of being denied a wedding cake and the exhaustion of maintaining the "hands up, don't shoot" narrative, the righteous indignation of many has now turned to a new threat. Something far more insidious and troubling than selling the organs of dismembered babies. An evil that even now threatens the revered "wall of separation" between church and state - the most important precept of the founding according to the left.

The face of this evil is Steve Prohm, the new head coach of Iowa State University's men's basketball team.

Coach Prohm, a dangerous radical who chooses passages from scripture to motivate his players and has even admitted to praying with his team during practice, has earned the ire of the anti-faith crowd before the ink on his contract is even dry. In fact, his unapologetic brand of religious zealotry has already drawn a public rebuke from a former ISU professor who worries that the new coach might intimidate his young, impressionable athletes into such scrupulous behavior as voluntarily uttering prayers on state property.

Image source: Shutterstock.com Image source: Shutterstock.com

This cannot be tolerated, as every well-indoctrinated liberal knows, because separation of church and state.

Let's face it: That single line from an obscure personal correspondance of Thomas Jefferson is the political equivalent of "judge not" in the Bible. Every historically-illiterate social media warrior can quote that phrase, even if they know nothing else about the letter that contained it, the man who wrote that letter, the other founding documents written by him, or even what country he wrote them to secede from.

I limit the above generalization to the historically illiterate only because one really has to be completely ignorant of American history to actually believe that such a phrase was construed by anyone to imply that religious expression must be purged from public discourse.

Prior to the rise of secular humanism, the wall of separation between church and state was seen as legitimately allowing for federally-proclaimed days of fasting and prayer, prayer before each session of congress, and state church membership requirements that continued almost a century after the founding.

But the days of tolerating religious diversity are past, and now only one religion is allowed to express itself freely in the public sphere - the religion of secular humanism. Secularism alone can be advocated and celebrated freely, and all kinds of pressure can be legitimately applied to students who choose to reject it. To worship at a competing altar is blasphemy to those who deify the state - specially in their own academic temples.

That's why Coach Prohm has to be stopped, and why there is no time to be outraged over something as passé as the dismemberment and organ-harvesting of babies for profit.

Even should a degree of discomfort arise within the ranks of the secularists over this latest atrocity, it won't be born of a moral objection to what is being done.

No, it will more likely be regret that the profiteers of this grotesque and illicit operation got caught.

After all, with the naked greed of Planned Parenthood on full display, the fig leaf that was the "women's health" argument has now been stripped away, exposing the kill-for-cash industry in all its hideousness to the scrutiny of the American public.

In fact, I'd say this will likely push more within the "pro-choice" crowd into simply embracing the more straightforward "pro-abortion" position, which some of the prophets of the left already advocate.

I won't hold my breath waiting for the mainstream media to pick up this story.

I don't expect the Justice Department to announce an investigation, despite the fact that federal law is obviously being ignored.

A statement won't be forthcoming from the president; Al Sharpton isn't going to weigh in, and aside from the surely-forthcoming statements from GOP candidates working for the pro-life primary vote, the story is likely to die down after a few days.

By next week it will be relegated to the "you may also like" section of your Facebook news feed, and whatever outrage does exist today will melt away into the basest kind of laziness - one that complains about the state of the world, but only acts once every presidential election, if that.

I refuse to be a part of that apathetic finger-wagging. President Barack Obama may have a pen and a phone, but I have something too. I have markers, I have posterboard, I have a computer and a keyboard, I have a car, I have a vote.

I also happen to live in the first-in-the-nation caucus state of Iowa, where I plan to make sure that the sale of dismembered baby parts is a major issue this election cycle, and that the prayers of a college basketball coach in my home state continue to be protected by the First Amendment.

Because God knows if we as a nation ever needed prayer, it's now.

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