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The Climate Change Inquisition Is Upon Us


Since facts don't go their way, climate cultists want to silence dissenting views with Inquisition-like techniques.

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Warmists are losing their debate.

Climate change isn’t a top priority for Americans, inconvenient data shows that their science is questionable and Congress is looking into possible data fraud from NASA. But just like zombies they just refuse to give up. In fact they want to bring back the Inquisition in order to silence “deniers” once and for all.

These people, who deserve the tag “ecofascist” are already active as U.S. public university professors who want the heretics to be prosecuted using the RICO Act – originally made to fight the mafia. Ecofascists also publicly intimidate scientists who have received funds from the wrong organizations or organizations who supposedly hide facts. Of course, they will forget that their own scientists also received questionable funding for their studies. They will also try to censor free speech by suing people who dare saying that the science is wrong.

Photo credit: Shutterstock Photo credit: Shutterstock

The same censorship technic is developing in Canada too. A group called Ecojustice is suing Friends of Science (FoS) for “climate science misrepresentations.” They want the federal Competition Bureau to investigate whether FoS has “knowingly or recklessly made false or misleading representations to the public.”

What are these misrepresentations? The usual stuff: FoS says that the sun is the main driver of climate, that climate is not warming and that actions to reduce greenhouse gases are not warranted. And unfortunately the ecofascists might be winning this battle.

Back in 2014 FoS put their provoking billboards in Montreal, in the heart of the most socialist province of the country. Advertising Standards Canada received 96 complaints about them and concluded that the billboards were misleading and ordered to have them taken down. With the new liberal government in power, who now has a ministry of “Environment and Climate Change,” the future of skepticism looks bleak.

Finally, ecofascists have created their own “people’s tribunal” during COP 21. Backed by Avaaz, the activists have placated “Wanted” signs of the seven worst “dirty energy lobbyists.” They claim that these “criminals” only exist to “to stop the transition to clean energy,” which they claim is supported by 3.6 million people worldwide (out of a population of 7+ billion).

They even asked for these “deniers” credentials to be revoked because they “are threatening to derail a serious international agreement.”

In short, ecofascists don’t care about facts since these are against them. They are the kind of people they blame skeptics to be: self-interested, oblivious to facts and a real danger to society. Indeed, if they achieve their 100-percent renewable energy, say goodbye to birds and bats and hello to unreliable, expensive energy that will make you freeze to death.

If you cherish the civilization you live in, you must fight ecofascists with all your strength. And it’s not hard. Just point out the facts that their narrative is false and that facts prove them wrong. In the long run people will finally realize that they have been fooled into a gigantic scam.

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