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Ruthless: Dem Campaign Attack Ad Links Opponent to Child Molestation


"Bill Keating ought to be ashamed of himself."

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) is pulling out all the stops to try and maintain the party's majority, including what may be one of the most brutal campaign ads of the 2010 election cycle.

In a campaign attack ad aimed at Jeff Perry, the GOP candidate hoping to fill Democratic Rep. Bill Delahunt's seat in Massachusetts' 10th Congressional District, the DCCC links Perry to a fellow former police officer who conducted illegal strip searches of female teenage suspects in the mid-1990s. Perry was the supervising officer on Wareham police force when a subordinate officer committed the crime.

"Imagine your teenage daughter illegally strip-searched by police," the ad says, showing an image of a young girl.

Perry is running against Democrat Bill Keating, who recently raised the issue during a live debate:

[B]oth of the victims said you personally failed to protect them. One of them said you covered it up. The other said you stood five feet away and did nothing. If you can't protect two teenage girls, how can you protect the interests of this District in Congress?

In response, the Perry campaign released an ad Thursday featuring Perry's former boss who calls Perry "a good cop" and scolds Keating for the ad.  "Bill Keating ought to be ashamed of himself.  His attacks against Jeff Perry go way over the line."

In addition, Perry personally criticized Keating's "negative campaign."

These are the same dirty tactics that were used against Scott Brown but which backfired. People are waking up to the fact that Bill Keating will be another rubber stamp for Washington's big spending agenda, with more debt and higher taxes. He supported last year's failed stimulus program and President Obama's disastrous healthcare plan. I plan to go to Washington to set a new course for America."
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