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Palin: An Anti-Semite Who Incites Violence


Let me try to summarize the last five days:

Day 1: Crazy person murders people in Tucson.

Day 1 + 1 minute: Some in the media begin to blame Sarah Palin and demand that she responds.

Day 2: It begins to look like the shooter had nothing to do with Palin. Media still demands Palin respond.

Day 3: Shooter looking to be more insane than ideological. Media still can’t believe that Palin hasn't responded to something she has nothing to do with.

Day 4: Shooter could care less about politics. Where is Palin? Why won’t she respond?

Day 5: Palin responds via video. Story on NBC Nightly News trots out her "target map" and ties it to Gifford, then shifts to focus on two words of her eight minute video by interviewing people who say she’s anti-Semitic and wondering what this will do for her chances in 2012.

It's really hard to believe that Palin doesn't like the mainstream media more.

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