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Updated Guide to Our Recent Posts on Understanding Egypt


Editor's note: This story has been updated with new entries. The newer posts appear at the top.

Recently, we posted a series of stories and blog posts about the Egypt conflict featuring guest contributors. This story is meant to be a one-stop-shop of sorts for that recent coverage. As such, it will be updated. Below you will find excerpts and links to the stories.

"Understanding Egypt: The Twelfth Imam, and the End of Days" by Joel C Rosenberg

"All eyes are on Egypt right now, but we best stay focused on the apocalyptic, genocidal, death cult running Iran as well. Their nuclear program and End Times theology pose a clear and present danger to U.S. national security, as well as that of our allies, especially Israel."

"Understanding Egypt: The Danger of Revolution on an Empty Stomach" by Nick Rizzuto

"While a great deal of attention has been paid to the various ideologies of the political factions at play, just as important are the conditions that underlie Egypt’s current revolutionary fervor. A recent report might give us some insight as to the social backdrop upon which the Egyptian unrest is occurring."

"Understanding Egypt: The Emerging Islamist-Leftist Revolution" by Joel Richardson

"There are two things that must be understood regarding the present revolution in the Muslim world. The first is the unusual alliance between Leftist revolutionaries and Islamist revolutionaries. As Reuters reported, the protests in Amman consisted of “Islamists, leftists and trade unionists”. Their chant? “We Want Change!” The second thing that must be understood is the Messianic undercurrent of the present Muslim revolution."

"Understanding Egypt: The Suez Canal" by Bill Tucker

"While the world has been captivated by the pictures from the streets and reports of journalists being mobbed by pro-government forces in the streets of Cairo, the financial world’s attention has been off to the east. Traders have been fixated on a 120-mile thread of silvery water known as the Suez Canal. It is through those canals that trade moves between the Red Sea to the south and the waters of the Mediterranean Ocean to the north."

"Understanding Egypty: The Emerging Erdogan" by Anonymous

"As Egypt changes leaders so does the center of power in the Middle East.

"As the eyes of the world center on the Middle East and the uncertainty of the region continues to threaten the stability of governments and economic infrastructures, the stage is set for a “great” leader to rise to power.

"History tells us he’s coming."

"Understanding Egypt: What Is a Caliphate?" by Bill Tucker

"Sometimes a word, like a faded Hollywood starlet, makes a surprising return to the spotlight … and so it is for caliphate.  The word owes its renewed popularity to Glenn Beck, who first raised the possibility of a new caliphate on his Fox television show.  Suddenly, the word went from relative obscurity to become one of Google’s most searched words, as revolution erupted in Egypt and the world began to wonder what would emerge from the anger in Egypt’s streets."

"Understanding Egypt: Islamic Socialism and the Left" by M. Zuhdi Jasser

"Many have a hard time understanding where the political left in Europe and the United States have common ground with this theo-political Islamist movement. Socialist ideology promotes an oppression of the individual for the collective needs of society and government. Islamist ideology similarly promotes the oppression of the individual for the ‘common good’ of the Islamic state. Both snuff out individual responsibility for tribal collective control."

"Understanding Egypt: History of the Caliphate (Part One)" by Joel Richardson

"From Muhammad’s death until the fall of the Ottoman Empire in 1923, various Caliphates or dynasties ruled the Islamic world. The most significant Caliphates in historical order were the Rashidun, the Abbasid, the Umayyid, and finally the Ottoman. At times in Muslim history, there have even been rival claimant Caliphs in different parts of the Muslim world. Although the purpose of the Caliphate is to unify all Muslims worldwide, rarely has this genuinely been the case.  Islamists however often downplay this fact and instead portray the first thirteen hundred years of Islam through a highly idealized lens..."

"Understanding Egypt: Making Stone Soup" by Damon Vickers

"We are facing a moment in history that is unlike anything we have seen in our lifetimes. Never before have so many people in so many regions of the world simultaneously beat the drums of revolution. While change is inevitable, what can we do to prepare ourselves? And how might a widespread transition to extremist Islamic rule in the Middle East effect your pocketbook? Your investments? And perhaps the politics here in the United States."

"Is Egypt's Really Obama's to Lose?" by S.E. Cupp

"Obama’s foreign policy is predicated on a belief in the real power of soft diplomacy, the unclenching of fists, and the oratorical equivalent of a hug. And when it comes to the Middle East, he is careful not to make too many demands (unless, of course, you were hoping to build some apartment buildings in East Jerusalem, in which case, he’d really rather you didn’t.)"

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