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Finally, Connecticut Stands Up For Its Tibetan Speaking Citizens


Way to go Connecticut!  This year your state faces a $3.4 billion dollar deficit, and making government more efficient is obviously key to bridging this budget gap.  There is no better way to spend legislative time (and money) than to propose a law requiring the DMV to print the licensing test in Tibetan language.

Connecticut's neighbor, New York State does not yet offer their test in Tibetan, however it does provide the following;

The DMV prints the NYS Driver's Manual in English and Spanish only. Both editions are available at the DMV web site.  Effective October 4, 2007, the written tests for a Class D, Class DJ, or Class E driver license are available in the following languages only:














If you cannot read your native language, you can take the test through an interpreter that is certified by a recognized organization. You must pay for the interpreter. You cannot have a relationship with the person who is your interpreter. For example, you cannot use a family member, your lawyer, or a business associate as your interpreter.

Call me crazy, but operating a motor vehicle is not a right, but a privilege.  This right also comes with certain obligations to all of the other drivers on the road, a road where most (if not all) of the street signs, exit signs, construction warnings, road condition alerts, etc. are all are printed in ENGLISH.  It would seem to make good sense to require anyone operating a car or truck to be able to comprehend the English language.  When someone is driving a 4000 lb car at a high rate of speed and needs to make a split second decision, I really don't want them hoping there is a translator in the seat next to them.

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