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Crazy Video: TV Reporter Caught in Middle of Angry Woman's Violent Tirade


"Stop it!"

Abigayle Sloan, a reporter for Fox affiliate WXMI in Michigan, went to a local towing company Monday to report on a highway pileup that occurred over the weekend.  But an angry woman disrupted the report and forced Sloan to take cover in a locked closet to escape the woman's violent outburst.

“I thought I was going there to cover a story about the big pileup, turns out I became part of it,” Sloan said.

The angry woman entered the shop and began yelling at the company's employees about a towing bill. But when the situation escalated, the woman began throwing office equipment, screaming at employees and smashing windows.  At the beginning of the exchange, the woman's young son can be heard yelling for her to "Stop it!" But when her anger grows, the boy begins to cry.

Fearing for her own safety after the angry woman throws things at her, Sloan retreated to a closet and called 911.

h/t TV Spy

via WXMI:

[Tiffany] Nealous was arrested by Grand Rapids Police Tuesday around 2 p.m., she has been transferred to Mecosta County Jail and is expected to be arraigned Wednesday.

Nealous has prior drug and assault charges, according to police.  The plan to charge her as a habitual offender.

But her boyfriend who was there for the whole thing says this isn't like Nealous.  He says the video doesn't tell the whole story.

"It was supposed to be a $75 tow bill, that's what they told us, but when we get there to pick up the car, they say $225. [...] She [basically] felt they were trying to steal from her and pull an underhanded move on her and she just wasn't going to have it," said Mick Bement.

He says [Nealous] had abruptly stopped taking her anxiety medication earlier that week and that was a factor as well.  Now he says Nealous hopes to tell her story to a jury in the hopes they'll understand.

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