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Expert: 'Government Shutdown Could Last Hours, Most Would Not Notice


There are just eight days remaining until the looming Government Shutdown being predicted by MSNBC and the Democrats.  Andrea Mitchell announced that we are just 8 days away from this cataclysmic event.  One might even speculate that the cable network will place a "Countdown to Shutdown" clock in the corner of the screen.  The pressure has been building for weeks, with every single host on MSNBC predicting the GOP will shutdown the government if they do not get their way on spending cuts.   A short time ago we learned from a frequent MSNBC guest, Charlie Cook, just how terrible this shutdown might be:

"Most Americans would never even know it if there was a 2 or 6, or one day shutdown."

Bloomberg News is reporting that Speaker Boehner is working on a two-week extension that would keep all government offices operating into mid-March, but the Democrats in the Senate roundly rejected that proposal. Through his spokesperson, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid called Beohner's proposal a "non-starter."

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