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Uncovered: Source Tells Blaze O'Keefe has Undercover Mtg Footage of PBS -- Will Release New Expose


Could it be that the outcry over James O'Keefe's undercover NPR video could just be the beginning of a larger public broadcasting sting? According to a shocking admission by public TV outlet PBS today, and one source with knowledge of the videos, yes.

In a piece today by the New York Times, PBS admitted that it, too, sat down with O'Keefe's fake Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated donors. Earlier reports said O'Keefe's actors had an "initial conversation" with PBS, but did not offer details about that contact.

According to PBS spokeswoman Anne Bentley, PBS senior vice president for development, Brian Reddington, attended a lunch with the fake donors in February. However, she did say Reddington returned from the meeting with “profound concerns about the organization” and began investigating it. That apparently didn't bode well for O'Keefe's actors.

“Attempts to confirm the credentials of the organization proved unsatisfactory," she said, "and communication was halted by PBS."

During her Times interview, Bentley said she had "no sense at all" about whether or not Reddington had been videotaped.

The Blaze, however, has confirmed that O'Keefe's group did in fact record the meeting.

A source with knowledge of the videos tells The Blaze O'Keefe does have the PBS meeting footage and at the moment is planning on releasing it as another undercover expose.

That source, who was not authorized to talk about the footage and spoke on the condition of anonymity, did not know when the new video will be released.

The Blaze reached out to O'Keefe for comment but did not hear back.

Earlier in the week, O'Keefe told Newsmax he was not done releasing footage, but those comments were in relation to NPR. He has since released the full footage of the NPR meeting on his website.

Considering O'Keefe's NPR video has become a hotly debated topic -- both about its substance and its tactics -- news of another expose set to be released is sure to attract attention.

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