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Miraculous Tale of Survival: Woman Lives After Car Falls Five Stories Plummeting Into Ground


Was it the seatbelt? The airbag? The angle of collision? Or just plain old luck?

Perhaps all of the above contributed to the miraculous survival of an Australian woman, 41, whose car fell five stories from a multi-storey car park and crashed into the ground, leaving the car devastated--but leaving the woman with little more than a scratch on the head.

The car fell an astonishing 50 feet, striking  "the roof of an adjoining house." It then "ricocheted round, finally coming to rest on its side in an alley," the Daily Mail reports. The impact was so severe that the roof of the car caved in and the woman had to be cut out of the vehicle. Though she was initially hospitalized, she only suffered a cut to the head, according to a hospital spokesperson.

She has since been released from the hospital--and is hopefully on her way to a remedial parking course.

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