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Liberal blogger uncovers definitive proof that Donald Trump is racist


Liberal blogger Alyssa Rosenburg seems to think she's found the smoking gun that proves potential GOP presidential contender Donald Trump is a racist -- which, in many liberals' minds, would also explain all this talk about birth certificates since we're told that too is a sign of racism.

Over at Think Progress, she writes:

I’m doing some digging into Republican candidates’ positions on and involvement in the arts, so on a whim, I Nexised “Donald Trump donated.” Turns out the Donald ponied up $25,000 for the post-Katrina restoration of Beauvoir, Jefferson Davis’s retirement estate on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Given Haley Barbour’s decision not to run, and how some of theless-charming things he’s said about race played into his viability as a candidate, I can’t imagine this particular donation is going to play into Trump’s already-bizarre candidacy.

There you have it.  Trump donated money to help restore the house of Confederate President Jefferson Davis.  This MUST mean he "loves Jefferson Davis" ---> supports slavery ---> hates black people ---> is a racist.

This has been another presentation of "Into the Mind of a Liberal."  Thanks for playing!

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