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So What Is This Markdown.com That Glenn Just Launched?


Markdown is guided by principles and ideals that "transcend money.

Do you love bargains?  Who doesn't!  Enter Markdown.com, a new initiative brought to you by Glenn Beck and his company Mercury Radio Arts.  Markdown is a "social-buying site" that greatly differs from its e-commerce competitors.  Rather than focusing on mere profit and financial gain, Markdown is guided by principles and ideals that, as its web site boasts, "transcend money."

So, what does this really mean, you ask?  Rather than focusing only on the bottom line, Markdown seeks out viable and notable deals that offer great value in more ways than one.  Unlike its competitors, Markdown will only e-mail you with deals that are truly worthwhile. Members aren't bombarded with daily e-mails that offer less-than-stellar savings. With Markdown, it's all about quality.

In an interview with The Blaze, Markdown's president, Keith Ferry, explained that this idea has been in the works for years.  The concept is purely relational and the overarching goal is to provide offers that benefit consumers. Ferry says:

"Markdown offers deals that we’ve curated specifically for an audience that we know well and have created a relationship with over the past 10 years."

Plus, the companies and deals that are presented have meaning and purpose. Markdown's opening deal offers $20 worth of goodies from Chocolate.com (a company that serves small businesses across the nation) for half the price.

A natural question that many are asking is how Markdown differs from GroupOn, Living Social and other competitors.  According to Ferry:

"The first key difference is that we're not offering local deals. All of the deals you'll see on the site are national, or at least deals with companies that can scale nationally.  Second, we will only be sending one or two deals per week initially, because we know our audience so well."

Ferry explains that Markdown's mission is to make sure that each deal is a good one for consumers.  Earlier today, on the blog, Meredith Jessup posted Glenn's comments about Markdown:

“Markdown is a place where I will be able to connect you directly with the products and retailers that I love. From the best ice cream in America that you’ve never heard of, to a great summer beach read, to exclusive discounts at the name brand retailers you already know by heart-Markdown will offer all of that and more. But, best of all, Markdown is a place where my personal slogan–value and values–will be brought to life.”

Perhaps the most unique feature is a referral program that offers consumers an easy way to secure an even deeper discount on the deals presented on Markdown.com.  Here's how it works: You take advantage of a deal on Markdown. Then, you refer friends and family. For every individual you referred who buys the product or service, you get 10 percent off. So, if you can convince 10 people to take part in the deal, yours is free!

Don't waste any time. Head over to Markdown today to take advantage of the excellent Chocolate.com offer and take a moment to watch Glenn talk about Markdown:

Editor's note: Glenn Beck's Mercury Radio Arts also owns TheBlaze.com. We welcome Markdown.com as a sister company!

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