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Paul Ryan Responds to Calls for Him to Run for President



Sure, Paul Ryan appeared on the cable shows this morning to talk about his Medicare plan being demonized by Democrats. And sure he revealed that he holds no hard feelings toward Newt Gingrich for the former House Speaker's blasting of the Ryan plan. But really what people are wanting to know is, will he run for President?

The answer? Well, I don't want to be a conspiracy theorist, but he did seem to leave the door open.

"No, I have no plans to do that," he told "Fox and Friends" with an aw-shucks look on his face. But in a political landscape where Chris Christie can deny he's running multiple times and people still wonder if he'll throw his hat in the ring, a "no plans to do that" is a wide open door.

Watch Ryan's comments on Medicare, Newt, and running for president below. His answer to 2012 starts at about 5:40.

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