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Senate works for 25 SECONDS, calls it a day.


Imagine what your boss would say if he/she heard that you had worked for less than half a minute and expected to be paid for a full day's work.

On Friday the United States Senate was in session for a full 25 SECONDS.  The has the story;

The Senate completed a 25-second pro forma session just after 11am on Friday.

Most senators have left for the Independence Day recess but Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) ordered the unusual pro forma session in order to keep the clock running.

Seriously Senators. . . 23-seconds? Reading a few paragraphs further in the Hill item, we learn;

Despite the length of Friday's session, it counts as a full day of work.

Is anyone else feeling just a little cheated?

Perhaps you should visit locate your two Senators and let them know how you feel. Everyone who worked a full day on Friday as well as Saturday is especially encouraged to do so...

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