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Classic Blooper: BBC TV News Anchor Announces Wrong Guest During Live Broadcast!


"I know nothing about baseball."

Mistakes happen to all of us, but we're still glad we didn't have to stand in one BBC anchor's shoes when he announced the wrong guest during a live news broadcast. Unfortunately for the anchor, the mistakenly identified guest didn't seem to take the blunder too humorously, but, his response was priceless.

The blooper happened when the anchor -- who was doing a segment on former Major League Baseball pitcher Roger Clemens -- announced his guest, "Ben Walker," baseball editor for the Associate Press.

The problem was that the actual guest featured during the segment was AdWeek editor Michael Wolff.

After being introduced to millions of viewers as Ben Walker, Woff told the anchor: "You know, it's even a worse situation than that because I am not Ben Walker and I know nothing about baseball."

ABC News brings us the cringe-worthy video:

[youtube expand=1]

Will the real Ben Walker please stand up?

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