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Tea Partier Who Challenged Obama Recalls Exchange to Limbaugh: 'Somewhat Cordial


"You can't fake sincerity, and you were sincere..."

The video of a Tea Partier standing up to Obama during a Town Hall in Iowa has gone viral. And now, the man seen challenging the president in the video is speaking out.

That man is Ryan Rhodes, a local Tea Party activist from Iowa. He called in to Rush Limbaugh's radio program Tuesday and explained how the confrontation went down, and had some more criticism for the president, like pointing out the hypocrisy of the Tea Party being called "terrorists" after Obama has been linked to domestic terrorist Bill Ayers.

Throughout, Rhodes was well-spoken and informative. In fact, Rush was so impressed with Rhodes and the interview that he gave him a new iPad and Macbook at the end.

You can listen to Rhodes explain the exchange to Rush, which Rhodes characterized as fairly cordial, and see why Rush was so blown away by the 29-year-old (via Daily Rushbo):

So why did Rhodes speak out? He said used to work at a car dealership but Obama's policies forced it to close. Now, he's traveling around as a grassroots conservative organizer.

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