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Greek Protesters Storm TV Studio and Demand Air Time


A mob of student protestors entered a Greek state TV channel NET and forced the live broadcast to shut down yesterday.

The students intended to discuss their grievances with Prime Minister George Papandreou's education reform plan. They demanded to speak on the air or that the studio play a protest video they had in their possession.

Producers in the studio didn't want to take any chances and pulled the plug, according to Euro News.

Outside on the streets of Athens, however, protestors proved less docile. They caused havoc as they tried to break in to Parliament and occupied Amalias avenue in front of the Parliament building. Protestors threw rocks and firebombs. Riot police responded with batons and tear gas.

Anti-austerity violence has been on the rise in Greece since the summer ended. Apparently even when facing national bankruptcy, the Greeks take vacation in August from everything, including protesting.

Watch the video below for the TV station takeover and the ensuing street clashes near parliament, courtesy of Euro News:

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