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Parents Using Their Kids as Little Wall Street Occupiers


A group known as "Parents for Occupy Wall Street" organized a "kiddie" sleepover in Zuccotti Park this weekend, which brought young children into a highly politicized situation with serious safety concerns.

The organizer of the Occupy Parents' group, Kirby Desmarais, told Mother Jones magazine that "the idea is to let parents have a voice in Occupy Wall Street, because normally they cannot be here and also be at home taking care of their families."

Apparently some 68 families decided they were up for "braving chaos" and "endured cranks and street sweepers."

But many people are asking question about this wisdom of bringing young children to spend the night in Zuccotti Park or attend protests.

There have been thefts at Zuccotti Park, its been described as a rat-infested health hazard, and protestors relieved themselves in public and engaged in sex acts under tarps.

Zuccotti Park is clearly not a suitable environment for a child to spend the night. Some would question if it's even really safe for adults.

Still, children were present this weekend. CNN caught up with some of the "Parents for Occupy Wall Street" who explained their group and described how the night went:

Not all children are sleeping over, however. Instead, children have been popping up at many of the Occupy protests around New York during the day. Either way, and regardless of one's politics, there is something deeply unsettling about seeing a nine or ten-year-old girl yelling "Banks got bailed out we got sold out" and "no justice, no peace" (which I have personally witnessed).

Given the widespread claims of "police brutality" made by the Occupiers, and the precarious safety situation presented by any large crowd, bringing children into these situations would seem to represent a safety hazard.

That parents would subject their children to such circumstances is baffling, but perhaps is a testament to the fervor (and impaired judgment) of many of the protesters.

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