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Check Out Occupy Wall Street's New Office Space


After they were banished from Zuccotti Park kicking and screaming, the original New York City faction of the "Occupy Wall Street" protest movement has found a new home. @OccupyWallStNYC tweeted this afternoon several photos from their new office:

Inspirational artwork for the protesters:

Even cubicles, office rooms and a greeter (with a MacBook):

"You can't evict an idea," read the NYC OWS twitter handle, referencing the occupation's eviction from Zuccotti Park at the hands of the NYPD during the wee hours of the morning yesterday. New York Magazine reports that before the move, team leaders that needed the indoors gathered in the atrium of a skyscraper at 60 Wall Street that houses Deutsche Bank.

A judge ruled against Occupy Wall Street protesters last night, upholding a move by New York City and the landlord of the privately owned plaza to clear tents from Zuccotti Park and prevent protesters from bringing equipment back in.

(H/T: Gawker)



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