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Philadelphia Grandmother in Critical Condition After Being Struck By Stray Bullet While Sleeping


A 58-year-old grandmother is in critical condition after being shot in the face by a stray bullet that came through her window while the Philadelphia-woman was sleeping. The incident happened in Philadelphia's german town area, and the woman is now at Einstein Medical Center where doctors are working to remove bone fragments near her spine left by the the bullet that went right through the woman. CBS Philadelphia reports on the tragedy just two days before Christmas:


“It’s heartbreaking,” one neighbor told CBS, “I know those kids. They could have been shot over something stupid. It’s ridiculous.”

Officials with the Philadelphia Police Department say that the bullet that went through her window, and was one of thirteen rounds fired at 100 yards away from her house.

"The neighborhood’s telling us that there’s a silver car that drives by and someone, they won’t tell us who, fires at this car that’s driving by,” Lt. George McClay tells CBS Philadelphia. The shooter responsible for harming the innocent woman has not yet been found. Other bullets damaged two nearby cars, but neighbors are claiming they know little about what happened.

6ABC reports Saturday that investigators say two armed men were firing shots at a passing vehicle after an altercation at a nearby intersection.

The innocent victim has been determined to be Gwendolyn Knox. A friend of the family told 6ABC that the bullet struck Knox in the chin and went through her neck. Knox runs a daycare business from her home. 6ABC reports that a number of kids were in her living room along with Knox's daughter when the shooting happened.

"I just wish they would stop, because it's not doing anything but tearing out community apart," said Cherlyn Ezekiel, one of the people in the living room at the time of the crime, about the gunmen.

Police are still in need of more information about the shooting.

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