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Beware: The Picture of a 'Dead' Fidel Castro You're Seeing Could Be a Virus


"hoax aimed at spreading a dangerous trojan computer virus"

Fidel Castro has died more than once. That's if you believe the internet rumors that have the Cuban dictator croaking every couple years. But now the latest picture making the rounds as "evidence" could actually be malicious.

Business Insider blogger Joe Weisenthal first noticed the picture making the rounds via Twitter Tuesday morning:

There's a rumor going around, mostly on Twitter it seems, that Fidel Castro is dead.

This rumor goes around every few years or months, and there doesn't seem to be anything new to it, except that this picture is apparently floating around.

Here it is:

Euronews noted that same picture, however, could be more than just a harmless prank:

The latest information suggests that it is not a rumour but a pure and simple hoax aimed at spreading a dangerous trojan computer virus.

It is not the first time that Castro’s death, an obviously attractive headline, has been used to spread a virus.

Castro was declared dead last August in an email with the subject “Fidel is Dead”, that infected computers once the false video report had been clicked on.

Euronews also provided another version of the picture:

You've been warned.

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