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Is this how the average voter feels about Romney?


We keep hearing that Mitt Romney is the "well, if I have to" candidate for conservatives. But voters can't feel that bad about him, can they?

Look at this glowing endorsement from an Iowan in the New York Times today:

“I can’t imagine not caucusing for Romney, but I do so with no enthusiasm,” said Dr. Doenecke, 72 [...] “He’s just, to me, not a real person. He has the same expression on his face, always looks the same, acts the same. He’s almost robotic in his mannerisms. He has no warmth. I find it difficult to connect. But I think of who’s left and who can beat Obama — he probably has the best chance.”

His wife’s assessment is only slightly less harsh.

“I think when people say, ‘I’m waiting for someone else to come along,’ I don’t quite know what we’re expecting — white knights don’t show up very often,” said Mrs. Doenecke, 68. “I don’t spend my time thinking, ‘Oh, gee, I wish there was someone else.’ ”


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