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Zuhdi Jasser Discusses NYPD Surveillance Program and Support From a Silent Majority of Muslim-Americans


Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, founder and president of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, appeared on Fox and Friends Saturday to discuss the support from "a silent majority" of Muslim-Americans for security measures like the controversial NYPD surveillance program of Muslims, covered by the Associated Press and The New York Times last month. Dr. Jasser has spoken recently at events organized by Muslim-Americans supporting the NYPD surveillance program. Dr. Jasser told Fox News over the weekend that the coverage of the issue has been one-sided only acknowledging Muslims who criticize the NYPD. The AIFD founder said the program is not anti-Muslim but rather "good police work."

Dr. Jasser added that the incomplete media coverage "feeds into radicalization, feeds into the al-Qaeda narrative," and said he is not surprised that the ordeal damaged relations with the "Council on American-Islamic Relations and other apologists for Islamism."

"Remember this an ideology that is political, but it uses religion as a cover," said Dr. Jasser. "Some of these groups are part of that theo-political movement."

"I think its time for America to realize that we're not a monolithic community," Dr. Jasser went on to say. "They can't speak about us as 'all Muslims are offended.'"

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