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Occupiers hold rally with millionaires in Hollywood


Er, sorry... not millionaires, but "artists, musicians, writers and activists."  My mistake.

As we reported earlier today, some of Hollywood's heavyweights donated their time, talent and treasure to celebrate "All in for the 99%," an event organized by Van Jones, MoveOn.org, SEIU, and other Occupy Wall Street sympathizers over the weekend.  Proceeds from the star-studded event went to Jones' Rebuild the Dream organization.

Here are a couple more images from the event (via LA Weekly):

Here's former Seinfeld actor Jason Alexander rubbing shoulders with Rep. Maxine "We're-Gonna-Tax-Banks-Out-of-Existence" Waters, Democrat Socialist-CA:

And what could be more fun than topping off the day with performance actors portraying corpses wrapped in American flags?

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