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Mitt Romney's Tough Cookie Moment: Former Mass. Governor Inadvertently Insults Beloved Pennsylvania Bakery

Mitt Romney's Tough Cookie Moment: Former Mass. Governor Inadvertently Insults Beloved Pennsylvania Bakery

"I'm not sure about these cookies."

Of all the foodstuffs to give a Presidential candidate a headache, cookies might be the least likely - but hey, that's just the way the cookie crumbles. Mitt Romney, while visiting an event in Pittsburgh today, reacted skeptically to a plate of cookies he was served, telling the attendees, "I'm not sure about these cookies. Did you make those cookies? You didn’t, did you? No. No. They came from the local 7-Eleven bakery or wherever.”

As it happens, the cookie came from a beloved local bakery called Bethel Bakery, whose owner immediately felt insulted by Romney's comparison of his products to a 7-11's cookies. As a result, liberals are gleefully pouncing on the incident as yet another episode of Romney swallowing his tongue (in this case, along with some apparently delicious baked goods). In fact, the DNC sent out a mocking picture over twitter bearing the hashtag "Cookiegate," which can be seen below:

Funnily enough, while the bakery owner is upset, 7-11 isn't. At all. In fact, as a part-joke, the company is sending Romney's campaign a huge box of cookies prepared for their store:

Mitt Romney's ill-conceived observation on Tuesday that a plate of cookies looked like they might have come from a "local 7-Eleven" was, clearly, an unflattering commentary on the quality of the esteemed nationwide convenience store's baked goods. But, surprisingly, the company isn't upset at the presumed GOP nominee. Because, even though Romney was insulting 7-Eleven's cookies, at least someone was finally acknowledging the cookies! "Mitt Romney is right," glass-half-full 7-Eleven spokesman Margaret Chabris told us just now. "There are bakeries dedicated just to delivering and making fresh baked goods every day, 365 days a year, for 7-Eleven stores. So we were very amused, because he got it right." Chabris added that, to show Romney what he's missing, 7-Eleven is even going to "send some [cookies] to his campaign headquarters in Boston so he can try them out." He'll be so thrilled!

Meanwhile, the Democrats' new "cookiegate" hashtag isn't exactly getting the reception they want on Twitter:

There has, thus far, been no comment from the world's leading authority on cookies:

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