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Obama's Connections to the violent SDS: Michael Klonsky


The tenth in a series of posts on President Obama's connections to the violent, far-Left progressive Students for a Democratic Society -- a known terrorist group -- based on a March 2012 feature in The Blaze Magazine titled "Dangerous Birds of a Feather."


MICHAEL KLONSKY: Klonsky was SDS’ top national official when the organization began to split. Instead of joining the Weathermen, Klonsky formed the October League, a Maoist group. “He was so highly thought of by Mao’s regime that he was among the first Americans invited to visit Communist China,” observed National Review’s McCarthy in 2008. “[T]he Communist leadership hailed Klonsky’s party as ‘reflecting the aspirations of the proletariat and working people’.”

Klonsky became a University of Illinois education professor. He and Ayers reconnected to cofound the Small Schools Workshop in 1991, where Klonsky said the goal is to teach science by planting an urban garden while learning about “the imbalance in how fresh produce is distributed” and math problems that predict “the dynamics behind income inequality or racial profiling.” Obama chaired the Annenberg Challenge when it gave the SSW a $1 million grant and sat on the boards of two other funds that anted up nearly another $1 million to the project.

Obama apparently thought so much of Klonsky’s education positions that Klonsky had an “education politics and teaching for social justice” blog on Obama’s campaign website. But when someone made the SDS connection, McCarthy said the campaign “scrubbed the site of all Klonsky traces—a fitting Stalinesque purge.”

Today, Klonsky is one of at least seven former SDSers helping revive the organization, now called Movement for a Democratic Society, and one of at least eight who are Progressives for Obama.


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