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Obama's Connections to the violent SDS: Wade Rathke


The twelfth in a series of posts on President Obama's connections to the violent, far-Left progressive Students for a Democratic Society -- a known terrorist group -- based on a March 2012 feature in The Blaze Magazine titled "Dangerous Birds of a Feather."


WADE RATHKE: The head of discredited ACORN has many acronyms attached to his resume, including as a ’60s SDS draft-resistance activist at Williams College in Massachusetts. He co-founded the Soros-funded Tides Foundation, was head of an SEIU local and chaired the AFL-CIO Organizers Forum. An Alinsky follower, Rathke once put the web of radical interests into context when he advised Leftists to “build a bridge in the sky that links our worlds together while allowing us to stay autonomous and anonymous.”


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