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Meghan McCain trashes Breitbart just 3 months after death


Meghan McCain continued her usual class act Thursday, appearing on Al Sharpton's "Politics Nation" to whine about how conservatives have ostracized her from the Republican Party for her "moderate" views.

"Many people in the Republican Party treat me like I'm a freak," McCain said, adding that she was "blessed" to be a moderate.  But, she said, "if you're not an extreme conservative in this party, you are not given respect."

A personal note to Meghan McCain: Your political views are not the reason why people don't respect you.

Miss McCain went on to criticize popular conservatives, including author Michelle Malkin and online media mogul Andrew Breitbart who died suddenly in March.  Today is a "scary time" for the Republican Party, she said, and McCain does not "understand the popularity" of Malkin and Breitbart.

WATCH (via Mediaite):

So let me get this straight -- the GOP is so chock full of intolerant extremists, she can't come up with a more notable example of this so-called extremism than a man who died three months ago? Also, exactly what kind of high road involves evoking the recently deceased in political debate?

Further, Meggy Mac dismisses Malkin as an "extremist" yet offers no further explanation for her open disdain.  On the other hand, Malkin has clearly outlined her feelings about McCain:

You know what’s wrong with Meghan McCain? It’s not her weight. It’s not her voice. It’s not her looks. She’s a beautiful young girl with TV-friendly poise and natural charm. The trouble with Meghan McCain is that, like her father, she has no fixed ideological principles — conservative, liberal, or otherwise. She seems to have inherited the notion that playing the “maaaaverick” imparts her with moral authority and credibility as a fresh voice for the GOP. I’m all for speaking truth to power. But like her father, Ms. McCain’s maaaaverick-iness appears to be rooted less in any firm set of beliefs than in the need for liberal approbation.

My favorite part of the interview came, however, when McCain deflected conservative criticism by reminding us that she now works for MSNBC. She “works for this network for a reason," and that reason is pretty obvious.

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