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Thousands of Islamists Reportedly Shout at the 'Ape' Obama in Tunisia: 'Obama, Obama, We Are All Osama


"We are coming, we are coming"

(Photo: AP)

The Middle East Media Research Institute is publicizing video of thousands of Tunisian Salafis (hardline Islamists) rallying beneath the flag of al-Qaeda and shouting in unison, "Obama!  Obama!  We are all Osama!"

"Let us all cry 'Allah Akbar' together!" a speaker cries to the roaring crowd, "so that Obama the ape can hear us!  All together now!"

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As the crowd obliges, the speaker adds, "So that America can hear us!" before everyone begins to chant "We are coming!  We are coming!"

Watch the chilling clip, below:

The video then cuts to a somewhat long-winded Salafi martial arts tournament, before translating more of the chants.

"Khaybar, Khaybar, oh Jews, the army of Muhammad is returning," they warn.

The gripping report follows news of increasing violence in Tunisia by the hardline Islamists, though Tunisia was the first domino to fall in the so-called "Arab Spring."

On Saturday, Salafis wielding sabers and clubs reportedly terrorized at least one town by attacking the local police station and a number of liquor stores, before throwing Molotov cocktails and stones at the national security headquarters.


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