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Gannon Is Not Going To The Prgrogm': 6 Year Old Outsmarts School With Forged Note


"I wasn't thinking anything."

Gannon Farley, who is likely seriously grounded

Public education might have just jumped the shark.

Gannon Farley, a first grader from Middleboro, Massachusetts, was apparently like most first graders in that he was sick of being stuck at school for hours on end and just wanted to go home to play with his Wii. However, unlike most first graders, Farley apparently possessed such an audacious capacity for deceit that he was able to fool a school administrator into actually letting him get out of an after-school program and leave school early...with a note written in fluorescent yellow marker.

Yes, that's right. Apparently this convinced a school administrator:

For those who can't tell, the note reads: "Dery Mrs. Trotty, Gannon is not going to the prgrogm."

Shockingly, this brilliant forgery attracted some suspicion. However, when the school failed to reach Farley's mother, they apparently decided it was perfectly alright to just take it on faith that this note, written in marker and with misspellings no parent could possibly have made, was genuine.

Unfortunately for them, when Farley's mother, Amie Nay, did hear that her son had failed to show up for his after school program, she panicked and spent hours searching for him in terror until a neighbor called to report that the little six year old was with her. And to no one's surprise, Nay is now hopping mad at school administrators for being duped by a six year old child.

The Daily Mail reports:

Nay is furious that her son's school would put his life in danger and accept a note that had been written by a child.

"I looked at it and I said to the principal, 'you're kidding me right, really? This was accepted as a legitimate note?"' Nay told NECN.com.

"It terrifies me to think that he managed to outsmart your administration."

The school claims the incident was investigated but the secretary who dismissed Gannon remains at the institute.

"She's still employed," Nay told NECN. "I don't feel that appropriate action has been taken."

Gannon, meanwhile, says he won't be pulling this stunt again, claiming he "wasn't thinking anything" when he wrote the note. At the risk of being flippant, one seriously doubts that a six-year-old has the impulse control necessary to think before doing something like this - that's why schools have adults who can spot this behavior in the first place.

This video report, linked by the Daily Mail and courtesy of Fox News, explains the entire mess in excruciating detail:

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