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Here Are the Songs on Glenn Beck's Spotify Playlist


Even a song from Spiderman is included.

On Thursday evening, Glenn Beck launched the fourth and final installment of his special series, "Four Days in June," which revealed an action plan including voter registration drives, food drives, and even artistic endeavors people around the country can participate in.

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In keeping with the momentum, will begin showcasing music using Spotify, a streaming service that connects listeners with millions of songs. Beck's site explains:

Using this tool, we will be showing you some of the music that we’re listening to and sharing music that we think inspires, uplifts, and celebrates goodness. And we’ve picked these songs not because they fall on the “right” or the “left” side of the aisle, but because they inspire us to create art and we hope they do the same for you.

Some of these artists may be ones you’ve heard of, but we hope that you’re discovering something new that you’ve never heard before as well. And, if you’re a musician, we hope to feature you on our list in the very near future.

Below is compilation of songs personally selected by Beck and his daughter for their debut list.

*Note: some users were experiencing problems launching, or signing up for Spotify. With this in mind, we have posted YouTube videos for many of the songs on Beck's playlist:

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