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Hackers Redirect Wawa Gas Station Website Over Prices to Page With Hitler Image


"How much havoc would be caused by shutting down all the Wawa Gas pumps?"

On Friday, hackers overtook the homepage of the Wawa gas station and convenience store, redirecting it to their own website with an image of Adolf Hitler.

Philadelphia's CBS Local reports the group UGNazi claimed responsibility for the attack on its Twitter account (@UG) and also threatened that controlling of the gas pumps themselves are next. CBS Local reports the redirect to UGNazi's website from Wawa was intermittent and remedied by Saturday.

The Delaware County Daily Times in Pennsylvania reports a spokesperson for Wawa saying that the company had remedied the situation with their domain server and emphasizing that "it is certainly not something we condone."

The group's website, which portrays a cartoon version of Hitler and says "Welcome Nazis," discusses their reasons for hacking, which include companies supporting two bills introduced into the legislature this year: CISPA (the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act) and SOPA (the Stop Online Piracy Act).

A day after its attack, UGNazi announced on Twitter it had also "joined forces" with the hacktivist collective Anonymous.

Update: The Blaze initially reported the hackers defaced Wawa's homepage when in fact they redirected traffic to their own website. The Blaze contacted Wawa's representative Lori Bruce who said there was no impact of the redirect on any of the gas stations or other operations. She also said an investigation showed interal operations were not impacted either. "We have no evidence of a breach beyond the website redirection," Bruce said in an email to the Blaze. "Some customers may have experienced the inconvenience of being redirected to an imposter homepage for a brief period of time over the weekend."

Bruce emphasized that Wawa's website was not altered, but that this "was a DNS redirection to a counterfeit site."

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