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Beck Reminds Americans to Take Part in National Bake Sale & Lemonade Stand Day This Wednesday


At the beginning of June, Glenn Beck announced that Wednesday, June 13th, would mark a national bake sale and lemonade stand day to celebrate the most fundamental basis for American entrepreneurship while raising money for a good cause. Beck and his team at GBTV and the broader Mercury organization are helping active participants get involved by promoting their respective bake sales or lemonade stands. The proceeds of each stand will go to MercuryOne, where they will be used to feed the homeless at soup kitchens and homeless shelters across America.

The current push to outlaw donations to food banks based on their perceived sodium content, as well as the recent string of government crackdowns on lemonade stands and bake sales across the country, were in part, the catalyst for this event.

Now that the day is fast-approaching, Beck offered viewers a reminder to get involved, be it through setting up a bake sale or lemonade stand themselves, or by patronizing a Mercury-participating community member. The national event is part of an ongoing series of initiatives geared toward Beck’s upcoming Restoring Love rally and movement.

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