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Real News From The Blaze': Can EU Oil Embargo Against Iran Slow Nuclear Program?


The European Union began the application of oil embargo sanctions against Iran Sunday as a part of diplomatic efforts of the West to halt Tehran's nuclear program. The Middle-Eastern nation responded with the announcement that they will begin war games involving firing missiles at models of foreign air bases. With increased tensions, Iranian military officials have threatened to “wipe [Israel] off the face of the Earth” if they are attacked.

On "Real News" Monday the panel discussed whether these sanctions can be effective, as Iran claims Europe only accounts for 18 percent of oil exports for the country. If the sanctions fail to reverse the regime's course of action or support, could the embargo backfire by turning what is largely a pro-west civilian population against us? Stephan Yates of D.C. International Advisory joined The Blaze to break down the sanctions' potential for regime change, how the Iranian people may react, and what we could compare the Iranian "war games" to:

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