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Obama campaign asks: 'Do you have an offshore bank account?


The Obama campaign and certain Democrats have not been shy in talking about one's personal wealth this campaign season. Well, to be clear, they have not been shy to discuss how Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney earns and uses his money. From persistant attacks against Mitt Romney for his career at Bain Capital to demanding public scorning of the Republican's tax returns to even Democratic Strategist Hilary Rosen criticizing Ann Romney's understanding of economic concerns for she “never worked a day in her life,” the left has unapologetically made Romney's personal wealth a target while quickly chastising any accusations of "class warfare" motives.

How does the Obama campaign try to spin the focus away from unemployment and the decline of American wealth this week? By putting the spotlight on the location of Mitt Romney's personal bank accounts: 

Vanity Fair has released a piece "Where the Money Lives" that has drawn some chatter this week as it investigates how much of Romney's fortune sits in bank vaults overseas. As Eddie Scarry wrote this morning, we get no hard evidence of wrongdoing from the lengthy piece, just coarse phrases and language to describe offshore bank accounts and taking advantage of tax loopholes as:

  • “…kind of looks tacky.”
  • “…would raise red flags…”
  • “…this stuff is weird.”

No word if the Obama truth team from this latest video plans to look for people with Swiss bank accounts at the next Sarah Jessica Parker fundraiser.
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