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Under God' Conference Kicks Off: Faith Leaders Defend Chick-fil-A & Plead for Christian Political Involvement (Plus: Live Chat Tonight!)


"Men's imaginations will not save this nation -- only God [will]."

TheBlaze will be hosting a live chat tonight from "Under God: Indivisible,"starting at 7:30 p.m. ET! Also, watch the exclusive live and on-demand coverage of Restoring Love available now on GBTV Plus – click for details.


This afternoon, "Under God: Indivisible" opened to a crowded audience at High Point Church in Arlington, Texas. Earlier today, TheBlaze told you about the event, which is being hosted by the Rev. James Robison. It's overarching goal is to empower America's faith community, while also infusing religious values back into the nation's fabric.

The ideas, perspective and theological constructs presented were plentiful. From lamentations over the spread of secular humanism to division and inaction in Washington, D.C., the speakers touted an array of messaging.

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While the commentaries were divergent in topic, as a whole, they painted a picture of a nation whose religious liberty is in peril. But aside from addressing this inherent freedom, the speakers also took aim at the notion that America has separated itself from the Lord.

"Men's imaginations will not save this nation -- only God [will]," proclaimed Dr. Rick Scarborough of Vision America.

"Aren't you sick and tired of the dissension that goes on in Washington?," Robison asked.

And later, Ralph Reed, chairman of the Faith and Freedom Coalition pleaded with the audience to appeal to God to guarantee a prosperous future for the nation. Reed called the 2012 election "the most important election since 1980 and, perhaps, the most important election in this country since 1860."

Reed also defended Chick-fil-A amid scandal over its pro-traditional marriage views, calling it "one of the finest companies in America."

"God has a plan and a kingdom purpose that is bigger than any man or women...bigger than any politician...we need to pray that God's purpose is fulfilled," he said.

Join TheBlaze tonight for another LIVE chat event from "Under God: Indivisible" in Dallas. Coverage kicks off at 7:30 p.m. ET!

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