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You Have Never Seen Anyone So Excited to Videotape a Train (and We Dare You Not to Laugh): 'Oh My Gosh She’s Beautiful!\


"This is special! Oh that horn gives me the chills!”

We've seen a lot of videos in the almost two years that we've been around as a site. But we will admit we've never seen anything like this.

Below is video of a man in upstate New York who apparently is quite the train fanatic. So much so that he filmed the moment he saw a particular locomotive he'd been waiting quite a long time to see. And we're glad he did.

WCBS-TV has his reaction:

A man in North Creek (that’s way up there in Warren County) had apparently been waiting months to see a 1953 EA train, and when he saw it his reaction was priceless.

“Oh yeah, listen to that bell!” he could be heard saying in a YouTube video. “Oh my god! Listen to that horn! Oh my gosh, she’s beautiful!”

The train pulled forward from behind another train and when he saw the second car, he was delightfully surprised.

“Oh no, it’s a BL2 too!” he exclaimed. “We’re gonna watch this. This is special. This is special! Oh that horn gives me the chills!”

And here's the video:


One reader emailed us to say he thought the video was a "fake" and a copy of this viral hit from the past:

But we're not so sure. There's always that possibility. But isn't it also possible that there are multiple people in this country who are just very enthusiastic about their train-watching hobby?


Turns out that the former possibility is the truth. CNN talks to the guy behind it:

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