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Texas Homeowner Hangs Empty Chair Representing Obama in Front Yard -- And We Talked to Him


"None of your business."

Image source: Burnt Orange Report

A Texas man hung an empty chair from a tree in his front yard in a display he said was meant to represent President Barack Obama.

A man who identified himself over the phone as Bud Johnson of Austin, Texas confirmed to TheBlaze he was the homeowner written up in a Texas political blog who "lynched" an empty chair as a presidential effigy. Burnt Orange Report on Wednesday posted a photo of the folding chair hanging by a rope from a tree branch.

"It is and I put it there," Johnson told TheBlaze, confirming the photo and that he was the one who put the chair up. "I don't support Obama and the empty chair and that's why."

Johnson, who said he is a Republican, said the display was a reference to actor Clint Eastwood's "empty chair" routine at the Republican National Convention last month.

Asked about the racial connotations of hanging something meant to represent the president, Johnson responded, "I don't really care."

Asked how long the display had been up, Johnson replied, "None of your business," but said it was still there and that he plans to keep it up.

Johnson said he had received no complaints about the display from his neighbors.

As Burnt Orange Report noted, Johnson was a homeowner's association "Yard of the Month" winner in August 2010.

(h/t Gawker)

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