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Jewish Dem. Assemblyman Furious With Obama Admin. Over Israel 'Ally' Remarks, Treatment of Netanyahu


"The people of Israel are very concerned about Barack Obama getting reelected. Barack Obama is an ideologue with a view that is extreme left."

During a Monday appearance on "Your World With Neil Cavuto," New York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D) harshly criticized the Obama administration for its handling of the Mideast crisis and its treatment of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

"It’s incomprehensible. First of all, the remark about 'noise,'" Hikind said in reference to President Obama calling Israel’s concern over a nuclear Iran "noise."

"Israel is a country that is being threatened -- its very existence. Iran says 'we’re going to wipe Israel off the map.' This is not about some economic issues with regard to Israel. This is the very survival of the people of Israel," he added.

Hikind continued his defense of Israel.

"And we the Jewish people, you know, we have a little experience with those who threaten to annihilate us. The last person who threatened [us], sadly, did very well," the New York State Assemblyman said in clear reference to Adolf Hitler and the Holocaust.

Cavuto, however, was still stuck on the president referring to Israel as "one of" the U.S.' closest allies in the Middle East. Who else could possibly be on that list? Iran? Saudi Arabia?

"It’s insulting, it’s degrading. Other friends? Morsi from the Muslim Brotherhood? Is that who he's talking about? Is he talking about Yemen? Who is the president talking about?" an increasingly agitated Hikind asked.

By the way, how is that whole Muslim Brotherhood friendship thing working out?

"The president has no time to meet with the Prime Minster of Israel, but he has time to do everything else. He has time, you know, it seems Prime Minister Netanyahu is not as enticing as Whoopie Goldberg or some of the other people that the president enjoys meeting with," he continued.

"This is very hurtful and, as a Democrat, this president is failing America, he is failing our friends, and I’m saying to my fellow Americans -- Democrats, Republicans -- please wake up!" he added.

Cavuto steered the conversation to the topic of Jewish voters and Hikind announced that he would travel the country to get out the Jewish vote for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

Hikind also warned that, should he win re-election, Obama will go after Prime Minister Netanyahu in retaliation for making him look bad.

"The people of Israel are very concerned about Barack Obama getting reelected. Barack Obama is an ideologue with a view that is extreme left. We go back to the speech that he made at Cairo University back in 2009," Hikind continued.

"He was going to 'change' everything. He was going to endear himself to the Muslim world. And what does that mean? He was going to push Israel away with one hand and bring everybody closer," he added.

The conversation ended with the New York State Assembly man predicting President Obama won't come close to the 78 percent of the Jewish vote he got in 2008 and that his Republican rival will get a minimum 32 percent.

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