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Farrakhan Defends Integration of Scientology's Dianetics Into Nation of Islam Theology: 'A Tool That I Can Use to Help Our People


"...you should ask the Muslims that have taken the course and see what has happened."

Louis Farrakhan (Photo Credit: FILE)

Last week, the Minister Louis Farrakhan held his “#AskFarrakhan Townhall,” a live streamed event during which the controversial faith leader fielded questions from the public about the Nation of Islam's controversial theology.

Among his more bizarre proclamations, Farrakhan said that the Monica Lewinsky scandal was a Zionist conspiracy, he called for a separation of blacks and whites (as a "final solution") and he said that U.S. ambassador Chris Stevens would be alive today if Gaddafi was still in power. One point of discussion that has gone under the radar, though, was Farrakhan's long-winded defense of the integration of Scientology -- particularly the use of dianetics -- into Nation of Islam theology.

Dianetics is a pseudoscience that Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard described as a ”spiritual-healing technology” that aims to help people overcome their subconscious and, thus, ease personal issues pertaining to physical, mental and moral health (read more about it here).

TheBlaze first reported in July about the integral partnership that Farrakhan has forged with the Church of Scientology. Naturally, intrigue has surrounded this intriguing collaboration.

So, during the online webcast, a woman named Lorraine Graves submitted two questions to Farrakhan, prefacing them with the claim that "it was strange that the Nation of Islam is using dianetics." Then, she asked, "How has it benefitted your followers?" and "Do you think the Black community would be open to it?"

Farrakhan wasted no time launching into a defense of the practice.

"You know, I found something that I felt would be helpful," Farrakhan responded after hearing Graves' questions. "A lot of Muslims that are in the mosque, male and female -- we function well. But there are impediments because of things that happened in our lives when we were young."

He went on to say that he majority of the females in his audience have been molested at some point during their lifetimes. Then, Farrakhan spent some time highlighting various scenarios surrounding incest, molestation and other related traumas, telling viewers that dianetics holds the power to relieve people of the personal impact that results from these events.

"These things don't leave our being," he said of past traumas. "These are things that are in our subconscious mind, but they affect our conscious reality."

He described dianetics as "a tool that I can use to help our people." And, as he has done in the past, Farrakhan also defended his reliance upon Hubbard ideas, particularly in light of the fact that some claim that Scientology's founder was a racist. The NOI leader said that he has no way of knowing if this fact is true, but that the ideas Hubbard put forward, regardless, are beneficial.

"I found a tool that is useful. Now, you should ask the Muslims that have taken the course and see what has happened," he continued, highlighting the purported successes he has seen as a result of utilizing dianetics.

Watch Farrakhan discuss dianetics and Scientology, below:



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