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Rhode Island Man Wins $15,500 With Record-Breaking 2,000 Pound Pumpkin


"Topsfield has a lot of world records, but this one is special"

(TheBlaze/AP) -- Organizers of a fair in northeastern Massachusetts claim a Rhode Island man has set a new world record with the first pumpkin ever to weigh more than a ton.

Leaders of the Topsfield Fair say the huge gourd grown by Ron Wallace of Greene, R.I., tipped the scales at 2,009 pounds on Friday, winning him $5,500 for first place and another $10,000 as a bonus for breaking the one-ton mark.

"I'm back, baby!" he reportedly yelled as the pumpkin's final weight was announced to the crowd.

The Guinness World Record for heaviest pumpkin is 1,810.5 pounds set by Chris Stevens of New Richmond, Wis., at the Stillwater Harvest Fest in Stillwater, Minn., in October 2010.

"It's a great world record," the fair's general manager James O'Brien said, according to the Richmond Register.

He added: "Topsfield has a lot of world records, but this one is special."

Here is purported video from the competitive 2012 pumpkin weigh-off:


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