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Former SNL Star Victoria Jackson Spars With Howard Stern Over Gay Marriage & the Bible: 'Take It Up With God


"...that would make God mad."

Former Saturday Night Live (SNL) cast-member Victoria Jackson isn't shy about sharing her views on a plethora of social and political issues. In the not-so-distant past, the actress and comedian has warned of the Muslim Brotherhood's alleged infiltration into the U.S. government, she's spent time with Occupy Wall Street protesters and she's made her views about "Glee" known.

This morning, Jackson continued sharing her sometimes-controversial views in an appearance on "The Howard Stern Show," where she discussed homosexuality, while fielding questions from and debating with the popular radio host.

"Aren't you against gay marriage and -- that gays are wrong?," Stern asked.

Jackson hinged her response upon the Bible and her belief that the holy book is God's word. Rather than giving her own views on the matter, she answered by referring those with questions about her views to the Christian scriptures.

Photo Credit: "The Howard Stern Show"

"You have to take it up with God. God made the rules. He made a man and woman's bodies fit together," she responded. "He made the Ten Commandments. I believe the Bible is God's word and I base all my worldview on the Bible."

In response to this, Stern proclaimed that the Bible was written by man and he sought agreement from Jackson on this point. Rather than responding directly, the actress continued to defend herself, claiming that she has homosexual friends and that she doesn't have disdain for them.

"I have gay friends...and I don't...make their identity their sexuality," she said, adding in reference to a college friend who happens to be gay, "Why is identity his sexuality?"

Jackson told Stern that she doesn't believe that gay marriage exists (she seemed to mean that stands against it, regardless of what the law says) and that, since the beginning of time, the definition of marriage has been one man and one woman. Stern challenged her on these points, asking why the definition can't be amended.

"Because that would make God mad," she proclaimed.

Watch the exchange, below:



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